Friday, February 3, 2012

Best supplements for bodybuilders

1. CREATINE - Creatine is one of the most common supplements used for bodybuilding. Is a substance similar to the protein, composed of three amino acids: methionine, arginine and glycine. Small amounts of creatine stored in muscle cells, and its role is limited to the production and transfer of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) called. the main molecule responsible for energy production. After several days of creatine, muscles become larger and more "inflated" - this is a result of increasing the amount of creatine in the muscle by about 50%.

Protein is a source of building material for muscles. A positive nitrogen balance is the key to gain muscle mass. The RDA for protein for active athletes is 1.8-2.0 g per pound of body weight, which corresponds to approximately 25-30% of calories.

Inhibits the breakdown of proteins and facilitate their recovery. It facilitates the acquisition of muscle strength and mass. It is the most valuable sports supplements. During the hard work comes to a significant breakdown of protein - catabolism, which on the one hand promotes anabolism (protein building), on the other hand, when it inhibits the development of excessive weight. In the first period of recovery after exercise, most of the anabolic potential of cells is directed to the recovery of losses, and only then is the superstructure of proteins leading to the development of muscles. Glutamine optimizes the process alleviating catabolism. Glutamine is also the primary warehouse and distributor of nitrogen - an element essential for muscle building.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bodybuilding Dedication and Dream

,,Do something you believe in. and Dont think about the money, or dont think about fame, or any of that bullshit. but if you do something you believe in. and you hold yourself to it with consistency, sacrifice, and dedication, youll be suprised where you end up. like i said, somebodys gotta be that person... it could easily be you."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dead Bodybuilders

1. Mike Mentzer (November 15, 1951 – June 10, 2001) - Mentzer died on June 10, 2001 in Rolling Hills, California. He was found dead in his apartment, due to heart complications, by his younger brother and fellow bodybuilder Ray Mentzer. Two days later, his brother Ray also died in his sleep after complications from his long battle with Berger's disease.

2. Ray Mentzer
(August 2, 1953 – June 12, 2001) - He died from complications resulting from Berger's disease. It is said those complications resulted in kidney failure. Ray died just two days after discovering Mike's dead body in the very same apartment due to heart failure.

3. Ron Teufel (1957 - 2002)   

4. Scott Klein (February 11, 1973 – May 22, 2003)

5. Sonny Schmidt (born Edmond Alten Schmidt, September 09, 1953, New Zealand – died January 25, 2004, Melbourne, Australia from cancer) 

6. Robert Benavente (October 22, 1974 - November 6, 2004)

7. Charles Durr ( June 6, 1960 - May 2, 2005)

8.Don Youngblood (April 7, 1954 – May 8, 2005)

9. Paul DeMayo (September 12, 1967 - June 2, 2005) -  DeMayo died on June 2, 2005 in Boston from a heroin overdose.

10. Eric Otero  ( 1969 -  2006 )

11.Edward Kawak (also known as Edouardo Kawak) (February 28, 1959 in Lebanon - May 21, 2006 in China) - He died from a heart attack in China.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Popular wrestlers and their death

- Curt Hennig, 44, died of acute cocaine intoxication in February 2003, medical records show.       But his father said last year that a lethal combination of steroids and painkillers contributed to his death.

- "The British Bulldog," Davey Boy Smith, 39,died in 2002 in Canada of an enlarged heart with evidence of microscopic scar tissue, possibly from steroid abuse, a coroner said. "Davey paid the price with steroid cocktails and human-growth hormones," says Bruce Hart, a veteran trainer who worked with Smith and was his brother-in-law.