Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SYNTHOL - Fake muscles ?

Synthol what is this ?

Synthol is a site injection oil which when injected into the muscle cavity ,it stretches the muscle fascia causing the muscle fibers to tear similar to a heavy workout.the oil fills the muscle from underneath the fibers,making it look bigger than it already is. 
So synthol is a really fake muscles... :(

some people using it



  1. you shoudl see the video of the kid that used it too much and got his arms muscles and skin ripped with holes, it was a total disaster like parts where falling off from his arm, also i heard that he died shortl after, not sure on that=(

  2. Just looks pathetic! Especially the first guy, looks like he's got some kind of disease, that looks just fat. O.O

  3. I cant believe its gotten this far. Synthol is the fakest of the fake. I guess its not much different then women getting breast implants. In fact, breast augmentation operations are quite a bit more invasive. (but, I wholeheartedly support breast implants, wink) On the otehr hand, breast implants don't fake people into believing you worked out harder in the gym than you actually did. Synthol poser panzies. I threw my thoughts on synthol out as well along with a gallery of freaks. http://doodiepants.com/2011/06/04/synthol-bodybuilding-muscle-freaks/